solorinobscurum (solorinobscurum) wrote in theficfindjob,

Looking for a fic in which the Leverage team has a fandom about them

I'm having difficulties finding it; I'm not entirely certain that it is a fic--it could have been someone idly writing a vague what-if plot on their journal, but from what I remember the Leverage crew has a fandom about them and it kind of goes through how the team finds out or thinks of it.

Hardison knew about it but didn't say anything, I think. Parker mostly finds the inaccuracies about infiltration hilarious. Sophie read some of the fanfiction and sometimes uses elements from 'her character' to create a new alias. I can't remember how the boys reacted.

I believe it started out as some kind of forum where other thieves were discussing Leverage's heists and shared blurry security photos and redacted files. Somehow, regular people stumble upon these discussions and think it's something neat that they hadn't heard of and start writing fanfiction about it.

The more that I remember about this and how I remember it makes me think that this might have just been someone's personal head canon or...meta? (Am I using that right?) And just wrote these thoughts in their LJ...

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance.
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