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Welcome to The Fic Find Job!
The Fic Find Job aka The Leverage Fanfic (and other things) Finders Community, is the place to pose all your queries for lost items, including fic, graphics, vids, interviews, and more!

Please read the rules on the community profile before posting. (There aren’t that many, I swear! *g*)
fang me
Can't believe I didn't save this one/can't find it in my links....

Hardison realizes he has a crush on Eliot and I think he kisses him? Whatever it was there's a moment where Hardison is thinking, oh god what if he punches me. Later in the fic Eliot and Hardison are in a relationship and I know there's a point where they're making out just inside the door of the apartment and Parker keeps stopping by and pestering them and finally Eliot yells at her to leave and she jumps out the window? Eventually Eliot asks Hardison if he wants to leave him for Parker (though Eliot and Hardison aren't boyfriends or anything, I think they were just sort of hooking up or hadn't gotten to emotions yet) and Eliot is upset, and then it does become a threesome.
11th-Jan-2013 01:32 am - Someone from Eliots past shows up
I dont remember a lot of details but i think i read it on fanfiction.net. The team is on a job when Eliot sees someone from his past and has the team gather their essentials and meet him at one of his safe houses where he shows them how we knows the man. Eliot knows him cause he used to work in his unit until the man tried to kill Eliot. Any help would be great :0) thanks in advance
8th-Jan-2013 06:29 pm - Crossover Fic with Sons of Anachy
Chris sketch


I remember reading this fic where Bonanno's neice is kidnapped by the SOA, and her fiance killed. He calls Eliot and asks him to retrieve her.

Eliot has a cover he's already used with the SOA and enlists Parker to act as his girlfriend and they go to steal the neice back. The ending hints at a possible threesome between Parker/Eliot/Hardison.

I also remember Parjer being very excited wearing a leather bikini top and Shelly appears briefly.

Please does anyone know what it's called. My eternal gratitude if it gets found.

28th-Dec-2012 12:46 pm - Looking for Mastermind Fic
Hi, I'm new to the fandom (and pretty angry cause it got cancelled just as I started to enjoy it)and I am so looking for fic recs. Right now the ones I want to read the most are fics that highlight Nate's mastermind talents. I don't mind whether it's gen or slash or whatever, although I prefer Nate/Sophie but I really really want to read stories that give a glimpse into the thought processes of our favorite mastermind.

Thanks and virtual cookies to everybody who points me in the right direction.
Ziva David, screenshot., NCIS
I'm looking for a story set post the San Lorenzo Job, where Damien Moreau calls the team and tells them that he and Eliot used to be lovers.  Somehow the call is broadcasted throughout the apartment, and Hardsion can't stop it. And then Moreau taunts Eliot, who's horrified that the team now knows, and at some point he starts in on Nate and Hardsion is then able to stop the broadcasting so only Nate hears what he's saying, which is that he knows Nate likes Eliot. Eliot was mortified, he told the team he would quit, and of course they said no, and Hardsion was like "We're not letting you leave cause we found out you had horrible taste in boyfriends, I mean really bad taste, you're still Eliot."

So Nate/Eliot pre-slash and past Eliot/Moreau.  I've looked at the tags for Damien Moreau at Ao3, Get-Even, here, FF.net, tons of post San Lorenzo fics and I can't find this anywhere. It's not jesco0307 's wonderful Conversations and Consequences, it's not one of ScoutLover's Eliot/Moreau fics.  Please, Help!  Thanks! :)

The story has been found! :) Link in comments, thanks to rogue_telepath  for their help! :D

16th-Oct-2012 10:37 pm - Leverage Team vs Cops
I'm looking for any and all Leverage fics that deal with the team coming into conflict with law enforcement, the government, etc. Bonus points for outsider!POV and OT3-centric fics (gen and otherwise), casefics, and fics where the other guys are honestly convinced that the Leverage team is bad news.

Along the same lines, I'll also welcome crossovers with shows like Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, White Collar, Prison Break, Grimm, Burn Notice. Anything that fits the above points.
king of the jungle
Okay, so I read this fic where Hardison and some white guy are brothers because they were both raised by Hardison's canon foster mother 'Nana' and Hardison calls his brother in for help during a case. I think it might an Inception crossover, or Losers - but I can't remember.

I just remember Hardison brought in his brother (or the brother might have brought in Hardison?) to help with something, and everyone was suprised because the brother was white.

ETA: found; see comments
9th-Sep-2012 11:34 pm - Vulnerable/hurt Eliot rec request
Hey, guys! So I'm a major Leverage fan but lately I've been kind of irked by how powerful Eliot is. Don't get me wrong, I loved the whole Matrix-like gun fight in Big Bang Job as much as the next fangirl, but to have him come out of it completely unscathed (not even a bruise or graze!) is pretty unbelievable. Top that off with the fact that there is no tension when it comes to his fight scenes anymore (oh there's a big group of armed bad guys? No worries, Eliot'll get 'em) and, well...I'm a frustrated fangirl :P

So what I need from you guys is some recs for fics where Eliot doesn't win, where he gets injured, beaten, shot, whatever. I just want him to be human and vulnerable. Sorry for my rambling :D
29th-Aug-2012 09:49 pm - Future Job Eliot/Parker Fic
Parker/Elliot: Crazy Kids
Watching Seasons 1-3 and I'd love to read some Eliot/Parker based around The Future Job. I loved how he jumped in when she was all 'can we kill him?' So whether it's during the episode or after give me all the fic.

11th-Aug-2012 10:29 pm - Team takes down a pedophile
kitty and laptop
Looking for a fic about the team taking down a pedophile who has a cabin out in the middle of the woods.  Sophie is the middle woman for Eliot who actually gets some photographs of a child to give to the target.  But it isn't enough evidence against him so Eliot actually "sells" him the child from the photos.  McSweeten and his fellow law enforcement are tipped off and arrive in time to arrest the  bad guy and Parker and/or Hardison are there and realize the child is a Spencer or reminds them of Eliot.

Ring any bells with anyone?

thanks in advance, melanie
Hi! I'm new to the fandom, and I just finished watching episode 4x09 The Cross My Heart Job. Has anyone written a casefic based around the job referenced throughout the episode - the one where Eliot fights combat divers with spear-guns underwater?
22nd-Jun-2012 11:15 pm - Eliot/Hardison/Nathan Fic *found*
Hi all, this will be my first time posting on this com, so if I mess up, let me know! I've been looking for a fic for a few months now, actually I think there are two fics by the same author and almost the same story line. All I can really remember is that it is slash with Eliot/Hardison/Nathan. In my memory, they were in a lab on a desk or something. That might not be right, though. I do love a fic with all three of them, so any recs would be good. Thanks!!

*Found* : Link is in the comments!
17th-Jun-2012 11:52 pm - Eliot/Hardison Amnesia Fic
hello all~

i've been looking for this type of fic for a while now and haven't had any luck, so i thought i'd try here.

i'm looking for any amnesia fics focusing on hardison with either a hardison/eliot, ot5-hardison focus, or ot3-hardison focus pairing. those are what i would prefer, but if there is anything else i am welcome to trying it too.

any length, and genre is okay as well i'll take them all if they are available.

thank you to anyone who can lend a helping hand.
5th-Jun-2012 11:20 pm - LF Parker/Eliot fic
OP zoro's katana
Hi guys,
I can't remember the name or web adress for Parker/Eliot fic I've read ages ago. What I remember:
- Parker starts sleeping in Eliot's bed for some reason, in platonic way
- She stays over a lot, which results in Eliot buying her a favorite ceral brand (this I might be confusing with another fic)
- At one point Parker stopped sleeping in his bed and he went to see her in her apartment. It turns out she was on her period and someone (Sophie?) told her guys didn't want to sleep with girls during that time. He tells her to come back and she does
- She starts to tempt him with sexy underwear and eventually they do have sex
8th-May-2012 09:33 am - Leverage/Magnificent 7 Crossovers
I just happened to discover the world of Leverage a couple of weeks ago and am now starting to dig into the fanfic. There was a story just added to FFN that is a crossover with the Magnificent 7 ATF au. Does anyone know if there are any other stories with the M7 team?
5th-May-2012 01:10 pm - OT3 Hurt/Comfort
Hi guys!

I am looking for a story that is Eliot/Hardison/Parker. In it, on a con, Eliot gets thrown off a roof. They think he is dead for a moment but he makes it back to the van. Later, back at his apartment, Parker and Hardison take care of his concussed self. They shower with him and he passes out between them, and they hold him up. Then they all get in bed together.

Hope you can help.


P.S. I would also love to read any recommendations of anyone taking care of Hurt!Eliot.
12th-Apr-2012 08:27 pm - LF crossover fusion fics
Hi, I am looking for any stories in which the Leverage characters have daemons like in the Philip Pullman 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. Any genre, any pairing welcome. Thanks.
4th-Apr-2012 07:27 pm - Looking for shannonrita's fic
Hey Guys-
Fandom newbie here and I was just wondering if anybody knew where I can find shannonrita's Leverage fics? All the links to her fic on lj are f-locked, does she also post them somewhere else? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
16th-Mar-2012 10:36 pm - Early Fics
Hey all,

In under twelve hours I've managed to turn a dorm mate from complete Leverage ignorance to possibly a bigger fangirl than I am. She's really into fanfic but we're still in season one and it'll probably be a while before we get to the later seasons (college is currently kicking our collective asses) so what I'm looking for are the best of fandom from season one.

I'm already putting together a list but it's been a while since I was new to the fandom. She's a big fan of Eliot (and especially Eliot/Hardison) and not a big fan of smut. Any help?
16th-Feb-2012 03:56 am - Nate & Eliot Car Accident
Cute Eliot

Could someone point me to a fic I read a long time ago in which Nate and Eliot are in a car accident.  Nate was extremely drunk and refused to give the keys to Eliot, who then got in on the passengers side.  Nate then proceeded to crash their vehicle.  I'm almost positive I read it on FF.net but can't seem to find it anymore.  Any help would be awesome!

2nd-Feb-2012 03:21 am - Sterling and Nate stuff
Hey guys :)

I'm just rewatching season 2 and I cant get over my love of Sterling! I hope I'm not the only one who thinks he is awesome :P

Anyway, I'm looking for a specific type of fic, but there is just so much stuff out there that its hard to track down exactly what I'm looking for. I hope you guys can help. 

I would really like to read some Sterling/Nate gen fics. Specifically stories where despite all their differences and bad blood, they cant forget that they were once friends and fall into old habits without realizing it. Haha, I realize that its a very specific request so really, I'm ok with anything that has them working together/being friendly.

Tanx in advance!

21st-Jan-2012 02:01 am - Eliot Backstory
Psyche entering Cupid's Garden
Does anyone know of any good fics involving Shelley and/or Mr. Quinn and Eliot. Either slash or gen, I just love a good backstory, or even speculation as to what that favor might entail.
20th-Jan-2012 08:11 pm - Long fics, anyone?

I am looking for long Leverage fics that can be downloaded because I'm going to be without internet for a while on my laptop and I'm preparing for the long haul.

I would prefer them to be long and GEN, please no slash.  Other than that, go wild!

17th-Jan-2012 02:53 am - Nate /Parker
SPN - Sam the fandom whore

I was hoping to find some Nate/Parker fics. I have hunted at the fics sites and can not find one. I was hoping maybe someone has seen/written one.

Thanks in advance
14th-Jan-2012 02:56 pm - LF OT3: Hardison/Parker/Eliot
I'm looking for a specific fic that I read awhile back. As the subject reads, its OT3 Hardison/Parker/Eliot. I don't remember too much, but there is one scene/conversation that just stuck with me. The three of them are sharing a bed and the usual configuration is Eliot in the middle. They both made him think that it was for their benefit, but really it was because they've been paying attention and he tends to sleep longer and more soundly when he's in the middle of them. At one point, Parker and Hardison tell Eliot exactly how many minutes on average that he usually sleeps in any and all of their possibly configurations.

I know its not a lot to work with, but I really appreciate it.

Thank you!
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